Pest problem in Cary, NC?

Our quick and effective pest control service effectively takes care of ants, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and other pests. Not only do we solve the toughest pest problems, but we do it in a family-friendly manner. 
IPM or Integrated Pest Management methods mean we use more tools than just pesticide to eliminate pests. The technicians in Cary, NC determine the infestation source, use as many non-chemical methods as they can and encourate the implementation of preventive measures to prevent future problems. Many pest control companies don’t take the time to do what Cary Pest Control does:
1) find the source of the pests
2) eliminate the present problem
3) prevent future problems.

Cary Pest Control services include:

  • Control of common North Carolina pests
  • Termite prevention and elimination
  • Extermination of bed bug infestations
  • Green and organic pest control and prevention
  • Mosquito and tick prevention
  • And more!